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5 Reasons why you should never rent an apartment for record management.

The heap of records is an inevitable curse that accompanies business growth. No matter how much you try, physical records will be there with a constant increase in volume as time flies. Storing this growing number of files is a struggle. Some organizations prefer an in-house storeroom to keep all these files, while some others go for renting an apartment or house to keep those paper files. But both are disastrous ideas, which may bring huge losses to your company. In this article, we will outline five specific reasons that stand against renting an apartment for record management. 


The foremost issue with renting apartments for storing records is its security. Legal documents along with other important records need top-notch protection, which is expensive to arrange. When renting an apartment for record-keeping, a lack of security can lead to information breaches or theft. In rented apartments, companies are compelled to compromise on security, which puts their whole reputation at stake. Protection against natural calamities is another risk. With the increased amount of global warming, cities irrespective of geographical location are facing calamities like floods. Saving important documents from these disasters is also important. But rented apartments won’t give any such protection. If your company need any, you have to implement it separately, that makes your job more difficult. More need for manpower, more expenses and more stress is what these rented apartments bring.


Renting apartments for records storage itself is an expensive process. Keeping that aside, some other spending needs to be done on the areas of storage racks and file boxes to keep the files in the house. When you are renting a house, no extra furniture or settings to keep the files organized will be available. You need to buy it extra. Also, after arranging the files in the rack, timely maintenance is needed, which adds to the extra loss of money. The payment for employees to deal with the shifting and maintenance of records, the transportation charges, the expense to arrange security and many such expenditures will pop up, putting a hole in the company’s budget.


It is not always possible to rent houses for record management near your office. A lot of times your staff members need to travel a few kilometers to reach these apartments to get a file. With the unpredictable nature of the business industry, you should always be prepared to meet the need to access any record on short notice. The distance between your office and the rented apartment will be a big barricade to cross in such circumstances. An increase in the distance also brings difficulties in the transportation of new documents. You need to put a big effort into carrying the new files to the rented apartments, bringing you more difficulties in terms of cost and time.


The whole point of storing documents is their safety. Coming to legal documents especially, no forms of loss cannot be permitted, because it can affect the organization’s future. Keeping the files at the correct temperature is a vital part of the physical documents’ health. But no rented apartments/ houses will have facilities to regulate the temperature. The humid climate will have a negative impact on paper files and you need to install temperature control units, which is significantly pricier, to ensure the durability of these files. Temperature variations can also bring attacks from pests and insects. Your documents will be subjected to attacks from insects, which can cause permanent loss of valuable information. Renting houses for storing records increase such threats of temperature inconsistency and attack from pests to your records.


If you rent a house for record management, it can take away a considerable amount of time from your employees working hours for indexing them. Houses will not be built for storing documents, and obviously, they won’t come with facilities to do such a thing. You have to work from scratches to build such a place and systematically organize the files. Because of these hectic work processes, many times, organizations tend to simply dumb the documents in these rented houses which in turn bring more issues. High chances are there to get the important data lost in the piles of papers. Also, you need to put extra effort retrieve a file from the mess. This will keep your employees away from essential job responsibilities and the time will be lost in retrieving documents.

Utilizing the space of a rented house for a long will be expensive and dangerous. A practical solution for this dilemma is to hire a professional records management company to do the work for you. They will be highly effective than renting a house or using your valuable office space.

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