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Organizations generate thousands of records on a day today basis. These records serve as supporting documents for proof of transaction and to be preserved for future references. while some might be critical, and others may not be so critical. However, the availability is a must. Managing the records in an organization is always a herculean task. Record management involves systematic and scientific indexing of records and special care for safety and security. All these consume dedicated resources time and space.

Professional Records Management

A professional records management company has the competency in maintaining records. It also has the latest technologies and equipment for the storage of records. Organizations can leverage this capability for storing records. Since outsourcing of non-core activities has become popular these days, especially among large corporations, their records management can also be outsourced to a record management partner. These partners ensure safe and secure storage of the documents. Since organizations have outsourced their records management, they can focus on their core competencies and improve their productivity.

Own Records Management

Organizations can also self-manage their records. But the resources involved in the record management activities are not contributing to the core value addition but only support the processes. Therefore, organizations spending their money on own records management activities don’t contribute to their bottom line. It is because of these reasons a professional records management company is preferred over the own records management for storing records.

Kayman vaults is a Professional and Trusted records management company with state- of-the-art records storage facility. Kayman vaults offer offsite records management services – specializing in life cycle management records – that caters to document storage, indexing, scanning ,critical document vault ,and shredding needs. To know more about the services offered by Kayman Vaults, feel free to contact us at

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