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  Scientific Indexing of Records
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  Secure Scanning & Digitization

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Why should you not delay Records Management?

  • Companies - Big or small - Records retention is must by Law, Compliance & Statutory purposes
  • Value is immaterial - availability is a must
  • Disaster need not be abrupt, could be simmering for some time now
  • Lower than your current expenses / Return on Investment is High

Why Choose KAYMAN Records Management Services?

  • Customised Records Management Solution to suit your Business
  • Track and manage the entire life cycle of your records
  • Strict adherence to Safety, Security & Accessibility
  • Process Excellence, Scientific and systematic approach
  • Documenting peace of mind

What is the cost of storing Records?

The cost of storing records depends on the following factors.

  • Count of Boxes
  • Type of indexing
  • Process Performed
  • Digitisation, etc

However, at KAYMAN we provide Free survey and Budgetary Estimate The final cost can only be calculated after a survey of records.

Records Management Services We Offer

KAYMAN is one of the leading Records Management Companies in Chennai that offer holistic records management services.

Records and Documents Storage Services

  • Store your records at our secure offsite document storage facility.
  • Retrieve physical records on-demand
  • Retain records as long as needed by regulatory compliances
  • Pay only for what you store
  • Scale your business records storage to any extent

Records Digitization & Scanning Services

  • Go paperless with records digitization services
  • Extend the life of physical records with document scanning services
  • Turn business records, documents & images into searchable records
  • Streamline documents for easy retrieval and distribution
  • Meet compliance and ensure business continuity

Document Shredding Services

The cost of storing records depends on the following factors.

  • Maintain clean workspaces with shredding services
  • Securely dispose off records at our records storage facility
  • Prevent manipulation of historical records
  • Make use of our Industrial-grade shredders
  • Get certificate of destruction for compliance records

What our customers are Saying?

KAYMAN is one of the few Document Storage Companies in Chennai that caters to multiple industry clients for various records management services.

We rely on KAYMAN records management for our records storage. They are professionals in the information management discipline.

Leading Packaging Company

Our huge pile of records is efficiently scanned and digitized with Kayman Records Digitization Services. Helps us very much to maintain clean offices.

General Manager
Leading Logistics Company

KAYMAN helps us with Medical Records Storage. Medical documents storage is critical for meeting compliance. We digitize our medical files as well.

Leading Healthcare Company


Monthly Basis - Your files are stored in standard sized Records Management boxes and the charges are based on the count of boxes that are stored.

A Records Management box can hold 4-5 Box files or 25 - 30 Flat files (File size does matter)

We provide Doorstep Pickup & Delivery of Files

No Security deposits. No Hidden charges. - Pay for what you use

Store, safe and securely at 1/3 of the cost of renting a Flat or an Apartment

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 Kayman Vaults Aug 04, 2023

Box It Up: Creative Solutions for Storing and Retrieving Physical Records

1. Digital Document Management System: Implementing a cloud-based document management system allows the company to store records electronically. This solution enhances accessibility, collaboration, and data security while reducing paper clutter. It enables quick search and retrieval of documents and offers customizable access controls for different user roles. 2. RFID Tagging and Warehouse Management: For physical records, utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on files and documents can optimize storage and retrieval processes. Coupling RFID with a sophisticated warehouse management system streamlines record tracking, minimizes human errors, and increases overall efficiency. 3. Blockchain-Based Record Keeping: Employing blockchain technology ensures secure and immutable record-keeping. Each transaction is cryptographically linked, preventing unauthorized alterations and guaranteeing data integrity. This solution is particularly useful for critical documents such as contracts, financial records, and intellectual property. 4. Offsite Data Storage: Partnering with a reliable offsite data storage provider enables the company to store physical records in a secure, climate-controlled environment. This solution reduces office space clutter, minimizes the risk of data loss due to disasters, and provides regular backup services. 5. Interactive Data Visualization: Transforming raw data into visually appealing and interactive dashboards helps key stakeholders understand and analyze company records effectively. Using tools like Tableau or Power BI, the company can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions efficiently. Overall, these professional and creative solutions empower the company to manage records more efficiently, improve data accessibility and security, and foster a forward-thinking approach to record keeping. 1. Intelligent Search Engine: Implementing an advanced search engine equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities allows employees to effortlessly locate specific records. This AI-powered solution intelligently interprets search queries, providing relevant results even when the exact keywords are not used. 2. Voice-Activated Record Retrieval: Introducing a voice-activated system enables employees to access records hands-free. This cutting-edge technology, integrated into company devices or applications, enhances convenience and expedites the retrieval process, especially in busy work environments. 3. Augmented Reality (AR) Archives: Creating an AR-based application for record retrieval makes the process engaging and interactive. Employees can virtually navigate through archived records using AR visualizations, providing an innovative way to access historical data and insights. 4. Mobile Record Access: Developing a secure mobile application allows authorized personnel to retrieve company records on-the-go. This solution enhances flexibility and productivity, enabling employees to access vital information from anywhere, anytime. 5. Smart Chatbot Assistance: Deploying an AI-powered chatbot for record retrieval inquiries offers instant responses to common queries. The chatbot can provide relevant links or directly fetch specific records, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving time. By adopting these professional and creative solutions, the company can optimize record retrieval processes, enhance employee productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency. Kayman Vaults offer offsite record management services - specializing in lifecycle management records - that caters to document storage, scanning, electronic document management, and shredding needs. To know more about kayman Vault contact

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