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What is Checklist?

Checklists provide detail for every step in a process, thereby keeping things organized. Can be used as a visual reminder, a way of prioritizing tasks and scheduling everything that needs to be done so deadlines are not missed. Simple and easy to use and very effective in ensuring you complete all the steps. Check off the items as you do them to see progress and identify items missed or falling behind on.

Helps you stay on top of your priority tasks.

Checklist for selecting a records management facility

· Experience with records management

Experience can make a world of difference when choosing the right Partner. Working with the right company can help you to avoid many of the common challenges and pitfalls experienced during Record Management.

· Knowledge of business practices

The most effective Records Management companies will be able to understand not only the business of storing and retrieving information but will also understand how you will use this information on an ongoing basis. This helps to make the relationship work more seamlessly. Keep in mind that the Partner you choose will be an extension of your resources they're going to have all of your information.

· Ability to Provide Prompt Service

There seems to be a predisposition to slow, plodding service for many Record Storage Companies, and there really is no need for this. Following Business Day Services should be the standard, and it's important to inquire about Scan-On-Demand services to ensure that you can access your files within hours if and when such a requirement arises.

· Affordable pricing

One of the most common complaints about Record Storage Partners from Clients is the feeling of being Nickel-and-Dimed for every little services. Take caution to look not only at the price but the measure of quantities. For example, some firms actually charge based on the Cubic Foot, not just on the price per Box. Also, be aware of any ancillary charges such as Fuel Surcharges or Account Administration Fees. Both of these are a sure sign of a company that doesn't really have your best interest in mind and is simply looking to pass along any cost that they can to you, the client.

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