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In today’s increasingly digital world, more businesses are scanning documents to keep data safe and securely stored while easily accessible for employees to find and share, whether working remotely or in the office. Document scanning also streamlines physical file management and the space to store everything, and it helps companies remain compliant with privacy laws and data regulations.

Going digital is the way to go, especially if your business is drowning in paper clutter, you’re looking for ways to save costs, or you worry about being the victim of an information leak.

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning (also known as document imaging or document conversion) transforms ordinary paper documents into usable and accessible electronic files. Documents are put through a high-speed scanner device that converts the records into high-quality images.

Professional imaging services use state-of-the-art equipment that can handle various paper sizes, from sticky notes to oversized drawings, and can scan more documents simultaneously compared to a basic office scanner.

Benefits of Digitizing Documents

1. Digital files use less office space.

2. Digital data is easier to keep secure than physical documents.

3. Scanned documents improve employee productivity.

4. Document scanning supports employee collaboration.

5. Digital documents improve the customer experience.

6. Scanning paper documents saves money.

7. Document scanning enhances regulatory compliance.

8. Document scanning improves disaster recovery.

9. Scanned documents are better for the environment.

Our Approach to Document Scanning

1. Files received/indexed

2. Document Pre-scan preparation

3. High-Speed scanning

4. Documents post scan preparation

5. Image Indexing

6. Quality Check

7. Copy to a hard drive and deliver

Kayman vaults is a records management company that provides digitizing services such as digital mail room and OCR scanning. In the digital mail room, incoming emails will be scanned automatically by Kayman and diverted to the respective client. OCR scanning services use software to automatically convert a PDF or JPG file into a text file in which any further document editing can be done. Kayman also has a high-speed scanner that scans at 200 ppm. Kayman offers two scanning models: “Conventional Scanning” - scanning documents and “Smart Scanning” - scanning and storing the electronic copy. If you or your organization want to digitize the records, Kayman is there at your rescue. Contact:

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