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In the information age, every piece of data is valuable, no matter how old. Companies can't afford to hold on to every file indefinitely, whether physical or digital; that takes up valuable resources, and data at rest is still at risk. Secure record destruction is the only way to guarantee that once something's gone, it's gone, but it is no simple task. Fortunately, the right combination of policies and partners can help you reap the benefits of document shredding today.

Every piece of data is valuable, even if it's old or not in use. After all, just because something is no longer used to you doesn't mean it wouldn't be of service to someone else. Bad actors are going to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on anything and everything that could lead them to pay out, from former customer credit card numbers to 10-year-old trade secrets.

Guarantee Old Data Won't Come Back to Haunt You

Simply shredding documents is hardly a means of secure record destruction. In the digital age, it takes a lot more due diligence to ensure that once something has been disposed of, it's truly gone. Many companies elect to hold on to old files and computer systems, but that is a partial solution. At worst, it effectively increases the risk that old data will fall into the wrong hands as it sits in the back corner of a distant server or storage room, static and unguarded. Secure record destruction is the only way to guarantee that old data won't come back to haunt you, but it has to be done right.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Kayman vault provides secure destruction services to clients across industries. It is equipped with state-of-the-art shredding machines that can shred documents faster and with no evidence traces. If you want to shred your records, contact us at

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