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Myth and Reality of Records Management Services

the greatest myth:RM is only for OLD RECORDS/Yester year files

the reality is -RM is NOT for OLD records/yester year files but for current year & Live records also

Records management is only for big organisation

Any organisation Big or Small ,records are a must and are to be maintained by law/compliance/statutory purposes

My records are not that valuable to be managed

Value is immaterial -availability is a must & be provided on demand by Govt/legal entities/it can save legal costs too

I (we) can manage our own records

True-if YOUR core business is RM/core competency

The COST would be expensive for my buiness

Less than 1.00 per file/per month

I trust my people ,there is no doubt on their integrity

Appreciate-but why out to the test provide and opportunity when it can be avoided

There is no GREAT confidentiality required records

Confidentiality is not only for external threats could be internal threats also

There is no urgency to retrieve my records

True -if you are aware of its location &availability

I do not find a requirement - been managing it so long

Disaster need not be abrupt,could be simmering for long time
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