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While many businesses across the world are strengthening their records and information management programs, many fail and many are afraid to start it because they were not able to put together a strong business case.

Without a business case and clear articulation of how records management will add strategic value and what it takes to implement an ongoing records management, no business will be able to make it successful. Only when presenting a comprehensive business case, the leadership will buy-in and arrange necessary budget allocations.

1. Secure the Leadership Buy-in

From the top-down and bottom-up be prepared to get the management buy-in before spending enough time and resources. Here is some guidance for teams looking to get buy-in:

2. Beyond the obvious

Obviously the leadership buy-in will be based on demonstrating the real benefits of any project. Records Management is no exception to that. Especially records management is a strategic business function that delivers benefits both in tangible and intangible manner. Here are some pointers for you to consider while building your business case.

When you present examples and potential benefits on the above aspects there is a higher change that your business case will be accepted.

3. What’s your Post-Implementation Strategy?
Also prepare more pointers in your business case about how will you maintain the new program in a consistent basis. What are the Information Governance checkpoints, controls and grievance redressed mechanisms, audits and reporting methodology etc.

Clarity in this will give your business leaders full confidence about giving an approval for your records management business case.

Also make it a point to take support from professional records and information management companies like KAYMAN Records Management. The years of expertise they have in consulting, implementing records management, records storage for multiple industries would come handy to present your business case in a compelling manner.

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