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Despite the rapid growth in digital record-keeping methods in India, 93% of documentation is happening in Papers here.  Further, physical records are inevitable in ensuring legal compliance for many industries functioning in the country. So, at least for now,the notion of a paperless office through digitisation is highly impractical in a country like ours. But is this the only way to get your office paperless? No! The very realistic method to make your office paperless is outsourcing your document storage function to a professional offsite record management agency. They can help you with the collection and management of the files, by taking them to a 3rd party storage facility. Your office will get freed from all the paper piles and can escape the tedious work of filing and retrieving these documents.

Assured Safety and compliance

Digital records are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, and no 100 % data security can be provided. According to reports, there has been a 36% increase in data breaches this year. But Physical datas are safe from any type of outside intervention, if kept in a secure facility. Offsite record management agencies provide 24/7 security service for the records you have kept there. The safety measures include surveillance mechanisms, access management, and security guards patrolling. This ensures complete safety for the documents and safeguards them from data theft, and unauthorized access.

Paper records are also important for maintaining legal compliance. Various laws prevailing in the country insist on keeping the physical records mandatorily for a certain period of time. If not kept, you may face serious legal complications that can lead to penalties and imprisonment. Paper records will further help in the overall eye over the productivity and functioning of the organisation.

Ease of a professional record management company

An organised way of record-keeping will help you to maintain the office perfectly. Further these records will act as a knowledge base for the employees of that organisation. For this, Getting the assistance of a  professional record management company is inevitable. The services offered by the experts of the field will get you a perfect, technologically advanced, safe and efficient record storage system.

The primary feature of any efficient offsite record management facility is its safety. Incorporating the advantages of various tracking mechanisms, the agency will ensure first-rate security for your documents. The pest control and temperature control setups will keep the paper records from getting spoiled.  Fast record retrieval further confirms the efficiency of the document storage company. Modern agencies use advanced tools like barcodes and indexing parameters to store the data, thus helping in the fast and easy retrieval of files stored. So you need not have to go for digitisation, just for the sake of fast retrieval. That is very possible with an efficient record management company.

A greatly designed record management strategy can influence the productivity of an organisation. Assisting employees with relevant records will fasten the decision-making process, and will be a great factor affecting the overall growth of an organisation. For this, you could use the help of reputed record management companies such as Kayman. Kayam Vaults, one of the best record management companies in Chennai, is offering its exceptional service in the area of document collecting, storing and retrieval. Kayman can help you to make your office paperless without digitising the records. Contact Kayman for more information about the service. 

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