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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations face several challenges besides patient care. They need to adhere to regulatory compliance to protect patient data. An efficient records management process is the only cost-effective solution to secure healthcare data.
Kayman Vaults equips healthcare professionals to deliver improved patient care with highly secure records and document storage system. Our solutions manage patient records both physically and digitally,with authorised access, complying with retention and destruction legislation, and reducing the cost.
Our expertise can provide and implement customized solutions to meet your unique challenges for a seamless information management experience.


Pharmaceutical companies require maintaining quality assurance records in line with international legislation which are critical to their business. The industry is now exploring options to leverage growth of technology to ensure safety and security of their data.
Kayman Vaults understands the specific current and future challenges in records management which are to the pharmaceutical sector. Our customizable and cost-effective solutions help you store and access your records in compliance with quality management standards and destruction legislation.
Vaulting of your critical information such as formulations, test reports, and batch numbers enhances your information security. Digitizing and coding your physical records provides 24/7 controlled access to records.

Banking & Financial Services

BFSI has stringent regulations related to data security as it has an impact on the daily operations of all organization within the industry. They also face competition that demands instant response to clients. A well-streamlined Information management solution supports financial service provides - auditors, regulators, and clients to exchange information securely
Kayman Vaults understands the complex workflows within BFSI organizations to design and optimize high-priority processes for more efficient service and appoint trained resources to help you adapt to our solution.We can digitize your records for Electronics Records Management (ERM) and bring technological innovation to your document management system and cloud-based solution.

Legal & Business Services

Confidentiality and availability of data and documents are critical in the legal sector. A combination of easy access, retrieval, and management of the available information in both physical and electronic format is a key tom success.
Kayman Vaults has an experience of more than a decade in maximizing the value of legal records. Cataloguing of records for storage eases the retrieval of your data with authorized access control in compliance with industry regulations. Our efforts support legal professional’s access to confidential and valuable information with ease in a secure manner.

Insurance Sector

The insurance institutions interact with policyholders, auditors, and regulators frequently and maintain highly confidential financial records in a secure manner. Storing records in various formats across different locations is a challenge for access.
Kayman Vaults implements records management solution that solution offers a centralized records management process to ensure that records are managed efficiently. Improved productivity with controlled access to records, compliance with regulators ensures our advanced document delivery standards.

Public Sector

Public sectors Organisations has challenges in managing their records securely as they deal with an enormous amount of information every day. A cost-effective and competitive records management solution is the need of the hour for the public sector.
Kayman Vaults has delivered commendable records and document storage services to gain a better understanding of their workflows. Then, we design a customized records management solution to support structured process to ensure that the records are safe, secure, accessible through controlled authorization& is compliant with legislation. Our electronic records management solution include departmentalisation of records with advanced book scanning technology & a cloud solution for backing up records online.

Information Technology

IT enterprises are often challenged with industry requirement for data security. Though most enterprises have their own data management system, they require an efficient and cost-effective TP Service provide to manage their records and document storage.
Kayman Vaults is experienced with protecting the critical business assets of technology enterprises and guarantee secured storage of highly confidential records with integrity. Our Data Back-Up Tapes and Media Vaults provide the best solutions
- Concrete walls with fire resistant refractory blocks.
- Anti-static flooring / Temperature and Humidity controlled environment.
- Iron grill gate and metal Doors / Exclusive circuit breakers.
- Gas Based fire detection and suppression systems.

Manufacturing Industry

When a product is conceptualized, it initiates the life cycle of records from research papers to prototyping documents. Most of them are documented under the “intellectual property” and are critical business assets that need to be stored securely. Kayman Vaults – provides critical document vaulting service that is safe, secure and available when required. Our industry-proven best practices has empowered the provision of private and vaults for enterprises to take control of their records. Our cost-effective and customizable solution caters to data-sensitive manufacturing workflows to ensure the records are stored securely in compliance with legislation. Our electronic records management solution includes advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software, and cloud storage. Enterprises benefit from instant authorized access to the right information online.

Real Estate

Real estate sector often faces challenges related to digital transformation. Most of their critical business records are in physical format and are stored securely within premise. Modern companies have records in electronic format & offsite physical recordsas it provides an efficient &streamlined flow of information between different stakeholders.
Kayman Vaults has partnered with many Real Estate companies for their Information Management activity. Our dedicated team with industry-proven best practices has equipped enterprises with our cost-effective and customizable solution that caters to data-sensitive real estate records and deeds. We ensure that the records are stored securely and in compliance with legislation. These processes ensure instant authorized access to information online through a fully integrated records database.

Simplify your Records Management!

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