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Rising importance & Benefits of Records Management in a Pandemic

To overcome Covid-19 inflicted challenges in market conditions and in order to sustain, grow businesses have to quickly pivot by enabling remote workforce, implementing newer information systems, strive to secure confidential information, maintain compliance and control rising operating costs in enabling overall information exchange across business functions.

At the same time the amount of new physical records and digital information created in this time has exploded multi-fold. If these records are not handled well, it will create lot of complexity.

Records Management is the discipline that comes as a solution to this growing records and information management challenges. Let us read a little more about these challenges and discuss how Records Management can help.

Ensuring business continuity with access to records

Remote working became the new normal without prepping the world. Businesses struggle a lot to instantly adapt to such dynamics. Businesses need to securely providing timely access to regular work files for remote workforce without access to travel in the lockdown, access to office storage spaces. Businesses that implemented Records Management systems and stored their records in offsite physical record storage facility enable continuous information exchange protecting confidentiality and compliance.

Going paperless with electronic records

Businesses realized the importance of digitization of records for anytime and anywhere access while continuing to store physical records in a systematic manner. Growing industry-specific compliance and regulations demand businesses to store physical records for many years. This means that storing volumes of physical records in office space not only increases cost of storing records in an expensive real estate but also need implementation of secure records management protocols.

Maintaining confidentiality and compliance

Across the World, businesses are yet to train their workforce about the value of information assets and effects of not following a systematic records management process. This particular aspect presses business a lot in ensuring business continuity while ensuring integrity, confidentiality, security of records against loss, misplacement, theft and corporate espionage. Without a robust Records and Information Management (RIM) policy in force, records can be manipulated or duplicated.

With the market opening slowly, businesses are gearing up to resume work and make up to the lost time. This presents a window of opportunity to implement records management to stay prepared for any uncertainity in the future.

How Kayman Vaults can support?

Kayman Vaults is the Trusted Name when it comes to Records Management in India. With years of expertise in handling offsite records storage, critical information vaulting, document scanning and document shredding in a Secure documents storage facility, they cater to records management needs of multiple industries.

  • Offsite secure records storage
  • Records management compliance
  • Timely physical and electronic records retrieval
  • Document collection and delivery services
  • File indexing services
  • Records retention & document shredding

Consult with Kayman Records for implementing Records and Information Management (RIM) for your business.

Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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