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Records Management for Logistics and Transportation Industry

Logistics and transportation sector has paper-intensive business processes due its nature of tracking continuous relay of information at multiple locations to track real-time location, supply chain, delivery and order fulfilment information. With lot of scope for errors, mishandling of information, lack of availability to latest information shipping deliveries could get affected upsetting customers and losing their trust. In a margin-sensitive market, heavy administrative overheads affect profitability.

Why Records Management is challenging for Logistics and Transportation Industry?

Transportation and Logistics Industry has document intensive business processes across its’ value chain. Here are some of their priorities and why records management is a critical challenge for their industry.

Route Planning

They need timely insights for efficiently operating across multiple routes, identifying profitable routes, pricing models, resource allocation, keeping customers informed on shipping delivery etc. Each day piles of new records are generated adding to the problem of handling existing records that can relay information anywhere, anytime.

Transportation Management

Logistics and transportation industry is truly borderless. They need to carry compliance documents across international borders adhering trade policies, taxation, legal formalities, norms of different countries. Storing and accessing records & documents at from “start to complete” eliminates cost of shipping fulfilment and delays.

Delighting Customer service & support

Based on how a logistics and transportation business tracks communication across multiple authorities and locations they will be able to provide real-time status of shipments to their customers, inform them on any expected delays. This stands true for ground, air and oceanic transportation providers who work with multiple authorities.

Information Risk Management

Logistics and transportation industry carry and deliver edibles and durables that are essential and valuable. Inventorying, monitoring and relaying information on exposure, damages, expiry, theft or loss against natural calamities, human malice will help planning supply chain, reducing losses and mitigating risks for customers.

How Logistics & Transportation Industry can handle records management?

Line of business managers in the logistics & transportation industries maintain multiple file cabinets, rooms of documents occupying expensive office real estate in office. Whenever there is a need to find and share specific records like contracts, bill of lading, invoice, packing slips, Invoices, lumber receipts, toll receipts, truck logs, claims or tax filings they need to dig through files and locate the latest version of files. Implementing a Records and Information Management (RIM) is the solution and way to go.

Benefits of Physical Records Management

Implementing a Records Management process and outsourcing records storage to 3rd party records storage management companies bring lot of benefits and help operate worry free. Their expertise in records management may put your business at ease and helps stay focused in the core business.
Store, secure and share access to thousands of physical and digital records head office and regional offices, accounts and finance, HR, Procurement and Customer Services to avoid escalations, bottlenecks and costly delays to shipments and deliveries.

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