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What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning is the process of capturing the contents of a paper document and converting them to a digital format. Document scanning is also commonly referred to as document conversion or document imaging. In simple terms it is an electronic / digital format of a physical record.

What is Document Imaging?

Document Imaging is process of capturing the all the contents of a paper document and converting it to a single image. Document Imaging means the conversion of paper files (of any size or description) or microfilm / fiche to digital images. In simple terms it is a photo of the physical record.

Why Scanning?

Ease of sharing – Can be sent to and be viewed simultaneously.
Small documents can be shrunk at focal point & emailed.
Back up of original if misplaced or lost.
Old or damaged records can be reconstructed.
Historical information or images that can be retained in a digital format.
Reduced space, increase ease of Real estate and managing huge physical records.

Our Approach to Document Scanning

Files received / indexed

Document pre-scan preparation

High-Speed Scanning

Documents post scan preparation

Image indexing

Quality check

Copied to a Hard Drive and Delivered

Scanning Models

Records Document Scanning Services in Chennai - Scanning Models

Conventional Scanning

all archived records,retrieved

scanned using scanners

copied to a hard disk or uploaded

Smart Scanning

all archived records continue in archival

required records are retrieved & scanned

copied to a hard disk or uploaded

Combined Scanning

all fresh records are scanned before archival

archived records scanned only when retrieved

copied to a hard disk or uploaded

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