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Document Shredding Service ensures the disposal of obsolete, outdated, unwanted, and confidential data in a secure manner so that your business stays lean and compliant. Any physical data  that is determined as disposable will be appropriately handled and securely disposed by Kayman Vaults document shredding and disposal service. Our latest industry-grade shredders will destruct documents with zero scopes of recycling or mismanagement.

Kayman Vaults provides Document Shredding Service in Chennai. From financial reports of your organization to the confidential ones, all are maintained securely and shredded securely after its life cycle.  We ensure that the Shredded remains are sent up to their recycling process without being bits landing in wrong hands. We prioritize customer’s confidentiality and we abide by information security guidelines

Our Approach to Document Shredding

Highly experienced by serving 1000s of businesses over many years, Kayman Vaults follow industry benchmark shredding protocols to offer you complete peace of mind.


Understanding of the Customer’s Shredding Requirement.


Transportation of assets to our safe shredding facility in a secure manner.


Bins are safely sealed so
that no spillage or misuse
happens in transit.


Collection of Record assets to
our safe shredding facility
in a secure manner.


Actual shredding or
destruction or disposal for
recycling is carried out.


An attested certification for destruction is shared with customers for your records.

Kayman Vaults’ Shredding Services

Kayman Vaults is a trusted document shredding service provider in Chennai with years of experience, catering to multiple industries.
Kayman Vaults’ Shredding Services

Secure Offsite Document

Huge volumes of documents, papers or electronic media can be
shredded, disposed, destructed or be sent for recycling at our safe offsite location with 100% accountability, confidentiality and eco-friendly manner.

Secure Onsite Document

In case of a requirement to shred and dispose documents or electronic media at your office or warehouse locations, our trained professionals can bring latest shredding machines to get the job done in a professional manner leaving no waste.

Secure Electronic Media
Destruction and Disposal

Advancement of technology has introduced newer means of data storage  devices like CDs, hard drives, tape drives  shall be safely destructed or disposed.

Why Kayman Vaults for Document Shredding Service?

Kayman Vaults is a leading player in the discipline of record management services that includes, onsite and offsite document storage, critical information vaulting, scanning & digitization and document shredding .The founders have 40 years of collective record management expertise.


Quality Assured Shredding Process


Highest Standards of Security


Latest Shredding Equipment


Complete Peace of Mind for Clients


Trained Industry Professionals


100% Confidentiality

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Offsite Physical Records Management
Indexing & Accessorial Services
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Offsite Physical Records Management

Store and manage all kinds of unlimited medical records, legal records, critical corporate records at Kayman Vaults secure storage facility for anytime retrieval and timely secure document shredding.
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Indexing & Accessorial Services

Timely information access and consumption is possible with systematic file indexing and accessorial services. Kayman Vaults specializes in indexing physical records and electronic media files.
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Collection & Delivery Services

Securely transport and store business records and documents at our office from your office locations using our document collection. Also request for specific records access with our document delivery services.
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Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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