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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Timely accessibility and insights from Data has the competitive edge to drive any business to success. Increasingly making sense from data that comes in multiple non-readable formats present a greater challenge in taking timely decisions.

ocr conversion scanning services

Kayman Vaults offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services that convert data in a scanned document into an editable format, thereby making data consumable for decision making. OCR Technology allows multiple types of pictorial and textual data can be read, analysed and organized into an electronic format. Kayman Vaults offers OCR scanning Services and data conversion services using latest technology that improves accuracy and saves time.

Kayman Vaults’ OCR Scanning Services

Kayman Vaults is a trusted OCR scanning service provider in Chennai with many years of experience, catering to document management needs of multiple industries.

Structured Text

Printed Text

Audio-Visual Text

Handwritten Text

Cursive Text

Scanned Images

Our Approach to OCR Scanning Services

Highly experienced by serving 1000s of businesses over many years, Kayman Vaults follow industry benchmark OCR Scanning Processes to offer complete peace of mind.


Understanding of the Customer’s Scanning Requirements and validating if OCR is best choice


Collection of Scanned images, documents or media files, PDFs or TIF Files


Data is extracted using OCR Scanning Tools so that text content is generated from images


A thorough quality assurance process follows to ensure the output of OCR doesn’t leave any room for error


Based on the results from Quality assurance process any required Document Correction is done using programmatic manner


Upon satisfactory completion of OCR Scanning, files are labelled scientifically to make it easy to cross-reference.

Why Kayman Vaults for OCR Services?

Kayman Vaults is a leading player in the discipline of record management services that includes, onsite and offsite document storage, critical information vaulting, scanning & digitization and document shredding. The founders have 40 years of collective record management expertise.
Makes data readable and searchable from scanned images
Highest Standards of Accuracy and Speed
Latest OCR Scanning Tools & Software
Proven Industry workflow for processes
Assured Cost Reduction in significant value
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Scanning Services

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Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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