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Despite the growing volume of electronic records, the reality is that many organizations keep and store physical records as a part of their day-to-day business processes and also for Statutory Compliance. The challenge with managing paper records becomes clear without a system to track its location, access, and safety.

With Kayman Vaults, organizations can manage physical records along with your electronic files for unified, records management. Ensure compliance and timely access to important records and information across the enterprise. Eliminate manual processes by automating the record lifecycle – a modern solution for managing your paper and electronic records.

Records Storage


Record Lifecycle & Unified Policy Management

Kayman Vaults automates the records management process by applying lifecycle default industry specific rules and policies to physical and electronic files.


Track and Manage Physical Records

With advanced searching and saved views, easily locate the records you need, at file/folder or box level, from warehouses to file rooms.


Security and Controlled Access

Meet strict regulatory compliance standards to ensure security with roles and responsibilities that control access functionality  available to users and teams.

Optimize Your Archive Space & Reduce Costs during COVID-19 & Beyond

By taking care of your archive, Kayman vaults can help you optimize, re-configure or re-purpose your workspace, office space or archive space in light of COVID-19, comply with social distancing and other health & safety rules.
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Why Offsite Records Management?

The benefits of Offsite Records Management services are humongous. Indeed, offloading the records management function to a professional,  trusted offsite records management vendor is a strategic decision as it offers the following benefits:

When to use Offsite Records Management?

If your answer is YES to any of the following:
If you are unable to:
 Retrieve a required record (information) & within the requisite time.
 Provide Safety & Security to your records.
 Identify your records with retention periods & shred with Certification.
 Establish confidentiality of your information.
Manage trail (history) of your record movement.
Demarcate exclusive area for Records Storage.
 Allocate Resources.
 Control Cost - Restrict the virtual value (opportunity cost) of the space allocated.

when to use

Explore our Records Storage Management Services

Indexing & Accessorial Services
Collection & Delivery Services
Document Shredding Services

Indexing & Accessorial Services

Timely information access and consumption is possible with systematic file indexing and accessorial services. Kayman Vaults specializes in indexing physical records and electronic media files.
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Collection & Delivery Services

Securely transport and store business records and documents at our office from your office locations using our document collection. Also request for specific records access with our document delivery services.
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Document Shredding Services

Compliance and regulatory requirements demand businesses to maintain retention schedules, secure shredding schedules. Kayman Vaults support in document shredding at your office or at our secure facility.
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Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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