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Ensure high security and data integrity of electronic and digital media such as data backup tape drives, cartridge tapes and optical discs, USB drives and others. Kayman Vault offers electronic digital media vault storage services in Chennai and all other major cities of India. Our services enable any business to electronically index, track and access digital media from the convenience of authorized gadgets anywhere in the World.

Protecting electronic media is not an easy task as many things have to be taken care to prevent loss, theft, mis-use and misplacement. Though secure, Electronic data storage still are vulnerable as technology has become so advanced. Kayman Vaults in Chennai offers Data Tapes and Media Vaulting services both at Onsite and Offsite.

Tape Drives

Linear Tape-Open (LTO)
Distributed Ledger
Technology (DLT)
Magnetic Tape Drives

Digital Media Files

Backup Data Tapes
Streaming cartridge tapes
Optical Discs
USB Drives

Audio-Video Files

Audio & Video Files
Scanned Document Files
Scanned Photographs
Media Film Reels

Kayman Vaults' experience in storing Electronic Media Files

Securely store electronic and digital storage media at our secure vault storage and protect critically sensitive customer data from natural disasters or man-made mismanagement.

Niche-Industry Electronic Media Storage

Kayman Vaults has tremendous experience in storing and protecting electronic media files of multiple industries.
Record Management company for Logistics and Transportation companies

Logistics / Transportation Companies

Record Management company for Educational Institutions


Record Management company for Healthcare Companies

 Hospitals / Healthcare Companies

Record Management company for Technology Companies

IT / ITES Companies

Record Management company for Media companies

Media Houses

Record Management company for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Companies

Why Kayman Vaults for your Data Tapes and Media Vaulting Service?

Protect Data Tape Drive Backups with our Media Vaulting Services in Chennai.
Climate Control & Fire Suppressing Media Vaults
Classified Tape Vaulting Mechanism
Easy retrieval Options assured
High Data Security

Benefits of Data Tapes and Media Vaulting Service

Stay guaranteed with our Electronic media vault storage services.
Highly Economical
Disaster Recovery Module
Business Performance Compliance
High data Reliability

Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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