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Businesses maintain multiple formats of critical information that may be of significant value, competitive edge, sensitive personal information (SPI), and critical customer data. Safe storage of these information and securing it from unauthorized access, natural disasters or theft need sophisticated storage facilities with 24/7 security surveillance.

Kayman Vaults is one of the top offsite critical document vault storage facility provider that is experienced in handling confidential data of banks, educational institutions, logistics companies, healthcare & pharmacy organizations and government organizations.


Kayman Vaults is a top offsite records storage companies in Chennai operating across all major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata with over 40 years of collective experience in records storage and data management.

Fire & Water Protection

Multi-layered security access protocol

Protection from Natural Disasters

PAN India Secure Storage Network

Document Accessorial Services

Comprehensive Audit Documentation

Benefits of Critical Document Storage Vault Services

Kayman Vaults is a leading player in the discipline of record storage services that includes, onsite and offsite document storage, critical information vaulting, scanning & digitization and document shredding. The founders have 40 years of collective record management expertise.
Secure & scalable storage space in a pay-as-you-use manner
100% Compliance with Legal & Industry Regulations
Ability to Cross-reference historical Records
Confidentiality from data theft, data loss & espionage
Significant Time & Cost-savings
Anytime and anywhere Accessibility

Why Kayman Vaults Critical Document Storage Vault Service?

Kayman Vaults is one of the top offsite records storage companies in Chennai with a nationwide network of facilities and trained records storage professionals.
Multi-industry record storage expertise
International standard record storage vaults
Multi-layer security against natural disasters
Complete Peace of Mind for Clients
100% Confidentiality and Integrity

Simplify your Records Management!

Join 1000s of Organizations that operate trouble-free with industry specific Kayman Vaults Records Management Services.
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