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Non accessibility of records due to downtime

Downtimes – caused by any form of obstruction is not good for productivity. Last 2 years, businesses across the world are facing downtime in many forms. The COVID-19 was and is still the main factor of downtime for many industries and millions of businesses. Presently, we are witnessing downtimes due to Rains, floods and water-clogging. Businesses have discovered and implemented many new best practices to overcome such downtimes. But unplanned downtimes like these make any other pre-planned arrangements useless.

How do downtimes affect business continuity?

Business continuity is among the important parameters that are being discussed among organizations over last 2 years.

Common Scenarios that explain how these downtimes affect business

Each and every business function has a continuous array of decisions to make in order to conduct everyday business affairs. Line of business function managers and executives have physical records in different streams to do complete their processes.

You can imagine the magnitude of this non-accessibility of physical records causes to individual business functions and overall business as a whole. The main reason behind this problem is that office records are stored in one place or in separate records storage rooms.

A proper records management system is not implemented that ensures availability, accessibility, and security of business records for decision-making at the right time.

Offsite Records Storage as a Solution

Businesses consider offsite records storage as a solution to overcome the non-accessibility of business records. Records Storage Management companies centralize physical records and store them securely so that they can be distributed when businesses face downtime.

Consult Records Information Management (RIM) professionals who can advise related to records storage, records governance process, records retention schedules personalized to your business.

What’s even better is that not only collection and distribution of physical records, but also on-demand scanning of records can be made and distributed to specific locations via emails and secured file transfer applications are possible.

Learn more about Systematic Records Management so that your business can always have access to business records. More so, you need personalized advice for implementing records storage and records management according to your business current and futuristic record access needs.

Consult KAYMAN – The trusted name in Records Management Services in Chennai, India who can help introduce accessibility of records just anytime and anywhere.

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