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Benefits Of storing Files in
KAYMAN Records Storage Facility

  Door Step Pickup & Delivery of Files
  Scientific Indexing of Records
  Quick Retrieval of Documents
  Secure Scanning & Digitization

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Why should you not delay Records Management?

  • Companies - Big or small - Records retention is must by Law, Compliance & Statutory purposes
  • Value is immaterial - availability is a must
  • Disaster need not be abrupt, could be simmering for some time now
  • Lower than your current expenses / Return on Investment is High

Why Choose KAYMAN Records Management Services?

  • Customised Records Management Solution to suit your Business
  • Track and manage the entire life cycle of your records
  • Strict adherence to Safety, Security & Accessibility
  • Process Excellence, Scientific and systematic approach
  • Documenting peace of mind

What is the cost of storing Records?

The cost of storing records depends on the following factors.

  • Count of Boxes
  • Type of indexing
  • Process Performed
  • Digitisation, etc

However, at KAYMAN we provide Free survey and Budgetary Estimate The final cost can only be calculated after a survey of records.

Records Management Services We Offer

KAYMAN is one of the leading Records Management Companies in Chennai that offer holistic records management services.

Records and Documents Storage Services

  • Store your records at our secure offsite document storage facility.
  • Retrieve physical records on-demand
  • Retain records as long as needed by regulatory compliances
  • Pay only for what you store
  • Scale your business records storage to any extent

Records Digitization & Scanning Services

  • Go paperless with records digitization services
  • Extend the life of physical records with document scanning services
  • Turn business records, documents & images into searchable records
  • Streamline documents for easy retrieval and distribution
  • Meet compliance and ensure business continuity

Document Shredding Services

The cost of storing records depends on the following factors.

  • Maintain clean workspaces with shredding services
  • Securely dispose off records at our records storage facility
  • Prevent manipulation of historical records
  • Make use of our Industrial-grade shredders
  • Get certificate of destruction for compliance records

What our customers are Saying?

KAYMAN is one of the few Document Storage Companies in Chennai that caters to multiple industry clients for various records management services.

We rely on KAYMAN records management for our records storage. They are professionals in the information management discipline.

Leading Packaging Company

Our huge pile of records is efficiently scanned and digitized with Kayman Records Digitization Services. Helps us very much to maintain clean offices.

General Manager
Leading Logistics Company

KAYMAN helps us with Medical Records Storage. Medical documents storage is critical for meeting compliance. We digitize our medical files as well.

Leading Healthcare Company


Monthly Basis - Your files are stored in standard sized Records Management boxes and the charges are based on the count of boxes that are stored.

A Records Management box can hold 4-5 Box files or 25 - 30 Flat files (File size does matter)

We provide Doorstep Pickup & Delivery of Files

No Security deposits. No Hidden charges. - Pay for what you use

Store, safe and securely at 1/3 of the cost of renting a Flat or an Apartment

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 Kayman Vaults Jul 12, 2022

Elements of a State-of-the-Art Records Management Services

Elements of a State-of-the-Art Records Management Services Over the past couple of years, I have come to the realization that with the many changes taking place in our industry there is a new “State of the Art” in Records Management. This change has come about because of new market drivers combined with new vendor solutions in response to these requirements. • eDiscovery - The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure dictate that ALL available documents are discoverable in a court case. This includes electronic content, regardless of media. Email is the largest type of electronic content that is requested in eDiscovery. Instant messages, voice mail, copies, drafts, personal correspondence, and so on are all discoverable. • Audit Readiness - Audit Readiness is a term coined by some U.S. Department of Defense organizations to refer to the ability of an organization to respond quickly, accurately, and completely to an audit. Paper-based and non-automated solutions to this requirement can produce negative results and serious ramifications. An automated process, on the other hand, can allow organizations to relatively easily produce a full audit trail of their business transactions, reducing the time and effort required to respond to an audit. • The Presidential Memo – Managing Government Records - President Obama issued a memorandum to all agencies on Nov. 28, 2011, requiring each agency to appoint a senior official to deliver a plan for moving the agency from paper-based records management to electronic records, specifically email, social media, cloud solutions, and so on. • Doing More with Less - One of the tag lines in the U.S. Federal Government these days is “doing more with less.” This refers to the dynamic of shrinking budgets and resources combined with increasing volumes of information to manage. This applies to the private sector as well as all levels of government in these challenging economic times. • Big Bucket Retention Schedules - The new paradigm for Record Management includes a redefinition of Records Retention Schedules. Legacy schedules were developed around a paper-based paradigm and typically are very granular, with many arbitrary retention rules that are now unnecessary and undesirable. Many organizations have hundreds or thousands of individual record series.

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